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Our company was founded in 2020 and currently employs over 75 employees as Security Guards and/or Safety Sitters. We have extensive experience providing security in commercial office buildings, health care facilities, construction sites, industrial properties, universities, distribution centers, shopping malls, and industrial parks. We currently have over 50 clients that utilize our services. Our coverage area is Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, with capabilities to expand where we’re needed.




 Devin Balsor

 14 + years experience working and managing a security company

25 + years experience in Martial Arts

4 time National Taekwondo Medalist in Canada

Voted Male Athlete in Nova Scotia for Taekwondo in 2011

 Extensive safety training knowledge & background

Trained over 2,000 + individuals across Nova Scotia in safety courses

Obtains a Canadian Government Security Clearance - reliable status

DTM Safety & Security Ltd. will build a competitive edge through high levels of customer service and assurance. The company will strive to not be a broker between clients and contracted security guards, as some security guard providers have become, but instead be a partner in the security and protection of client's assets, with security guards as a major tool in that protection. This strategy will require Devin Balsor to carefully audit a client's security situation and to work with them on plans to upgrade and maintain that security. He will continually check in with clients and with the guards sent to client sites to learn about the challenges they are facing.


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